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Date: 01/18/04-09:17:22 PM Z
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I find Gloy to be very useful, as I do any colloid that hardens in the
presence of dichromates. Combo-pix that use one colloid over another can be
very effective, as each tends to look a little different based upon how they
stack up contrast-wise. An added advantage of gloy is that it is stickier
than your average gum, and thus is easier to apply to slick surfaces. It is
expensive though, and hard to get where I live. I've been in contact with
all of the online office-supply places in the UK and none of them want to
ship overseas.

If Gloy is (as I've read) composed of Polyvinyl alcohol with Polyvinyl
chloride, is it not reasonable to think that one could concoct some kind of
pseudo-Gloy at home using these components?

As for those two tubes, somebody ought to take Darryl up on his offer, do
some experimenting, and report back. I regret to say that two tubes would
only act as teasers for me, considering those big honkin' prints I do...


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Baird, Darryl wrote:
> Katharine,
> Do you or anyone know if there are differences amongst the gloys of
> the world as there is gum arabic?

Isn't Gloy a brand name product rather than a generic colloid like gum
arabic or gelatin? If so I'd guess the answer is no, there shouldn't be
much variation. But I could be wrong about that assumption, in which
case who knows.
> P.S. I bought two tubes/sticks of gloy last time I visited mother
> England and believe I have most of both remaining. I'm pretty certain
> I could live without one of these. Would you like some gloy?

No, but Keith might. Grab it, Keith!
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