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Keith Gerling wrote:
> In my experience, humidified paper: 1) has absolutely no effect on
> DMAX, and 2) greatly eases the coating process. 

That's very interesting, and completely consistent with Steve Anchell's

The range of humidity I have observed obviously doesn't include the
lower end of the possible range; the idea of paper that crackles, or
snaps, is totally strange to me.

 In fact during winter
> months in Illinois, where the humidity dips into negative territory
> (and the both paper and human skin become dry, crackly, and draw
> moisture from anything they touch) I find it to be essential. 
> Otherwise, the  the gum emulsion will dry on one part of the print
> before the other side is even touched.  Even with humid paper, I
> sometimes have to resort to a few spritzes from a squirt bottle in
> order to maintain consistency while I even out the emulsion. 
> Obviously, it is different in the summer, when I have to resort to a
> hair dryer just to get the emulsion to dry the same day I coat it. 
> Such is life in the Midworst...
> Keith
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> darkroom........
> I don't do any gum yet, but I wonder if humidified paper
> would lead to easier coating?  And, how much would humidity
> effect DMax (maybe not so much?), Tonal Range, eveness, etc
> working with Dichromates?  According to Sandy King, it sure
> does have an affect on Carbon, and Carbon uses
> dichromates.... hmmmmmmmmmmm
> Mark Nelson
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> writes:
> I agree with Dave about humidity having little
> effect on gum. But I have
> wondered if perhaps humidity might have something
> to do with the fact
> that coating with a roller doesn't work for me.
> At the time that I reported my failure with the
> roller, I tried to post
> a jpeg to the Bostick & Sullivan forum, but the
> upload didn't work, so I
> gave up on it. But while working on my website
> this morning,  I came
> across the jpeg, and now that I know how to FTP
> things to my ISP's
> server, I thought I may as well put it up for you
> all to look at.
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