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Hi Judy,

I realize that PR/PD and Gum are different processes for a variety of
reasons, so, no, I'm not confusing Gum with Pt/Pd. I'm just thinking out loud and
wondering about different issues. My mindset is actually quite good and
healthy hehehehehehe

So, you are saying that humidity combined with heat will fog and stain? Do
you know which of the two is the culprit? It's easy to control humidity and
heat seperately in an enclosed environment such as a coating room with the
door closed. Perhaps cool, humid conditions are different. Hey, let me know
how those tests come out :)

You said some people feel it is easier to coat with wet paper, though you
found it stained more—did they find the same, or did they continue to prefer easy
coating over stained prints?

Yes, it was Katherine you agreed with.

Mark Nelson

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> I'd also agree with, I think it was katharine, that coating isn't such a
> problem as all that...And a gum coating that LOOKS uneven before exposure,
> may print perfectly evenly... In this I suspect you're confusing gum with
> pt/pd... which is a VERY bad mindset for gum.
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