Which Olec UV Probe for integrator using 1000W Mercury Vapor lamp?

From: Mike Klemmer ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 01/16/04-05:26:20 PM Z
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I just picked up an Olec AI 131 stand-alone integrator for use on my Nuarc 1,000W mercury vapor plate burner. The built-in integrator on my Nuarc unit is now defunct.

I see that there are several options for the UV probe. The Olec PA90 is a narrow band 350-390nm photopolymer photocell, and the PA92 is a wide band 350-420nm all-purpose photocell.

I looked around the 'net for a Nuarc mercury halide spectrum diagram but came up empty. My understanding from other graphs is that mercury halide lamps can have significant peaks above 400nm. The Olec rep recommended that I use the narrow band photocell.

I am making mainly kallitypes.

Any help would be appreciated.


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