Re: Aging Dichromate (among other chemicals)

From: Christina Z. Anderson ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 01/15/04-07:06:44 PM Z
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 I was using thiourea dioxide in "Manotone" as a
> plating-out toner.

     Are you being sexist here? :)

     The weirdest happening I had with chemicals was with liquid emulsion.
I had a couple ounces (unrefrigerated) left over in a bottle that was well
over a year old. I decided to use it and see if it still was OK, and it
was. Hot darn, I thought; I did some prints, and some more, and then all of
a sudden the whole batch was fogged grey. Of course, I had coated quite a
bit of paper that I then had to toss (and, no, Mark Nelson, I did not leave
the darkroom light on while drying the coated paper hehehehehe).
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