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Sandy King wrote:
> Katharine,
> What I wrote was that Sam uses a very dilute dichromate solution in
> his work and his exposure times are still quite short. I know this
> because I have watched him work. Sam's work clearly proves that gum
> prints can be made with fairly short exposure times using other than
> saturated dichromate solutions. Exactly what it is that you find
> about this contrary to any other position I may have taken to "data"
> is a mystery to me.

I don't know that anyone has ever argued that it's not possible to get
short exposure times with diluted dichromate. With very intense lights,
for example, one would expect quite short exposure times with diluted
dichromate, given the fact that saturated ammonium dichromate is simply
too fast for some of these lights, and those who use such lights find
they need either to go to potassium dichromate or to diluted ammonium
dichromate to not overexpose their prints. If the correct exposure time
for a given light for saturated dichromate is a negative number, then it
wouldn't be surprising to find that the correct exposure time for
diluted dichromate for the same light would be a small positive number.

Which is why I asked the question: what kind of light does Sam use? If
you've watched him working, perhaps you know the answer to the question
and would be kind enough to share it.

I was never questioning the statement that Sam's exposure times are
"short," (although "short" doesn't mean much without "compared to
what"); the statement that I've questioned and wanted some data to
corroborate is the assertion that for Sam and those using his method
the times for diluted dichromate are "about the same" as their times
would be for saturated dichromate, which is rather an astonishing
statement and needs corroborating data to establish it as fact. If you
didn't make this statement, I stand corrected; I've apparently
remembered someone else's statement as yours.

 Sam describes his working
> procedures rather completely in the article at UnblinkingEye.

I don't believe he gives the light source, which was my question.
Katharine Thayer
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