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Unfortunately you may have to wait a while for Sam to answer. He has
temporarily unsubscribed to the list because he left Sunday for a trip to China.
He will be gone for a while and perhaps can answer upon his return. I thought
his article at Unblinking Eye was excellent.

By the way, one of Sam's reasons for going to China was that he was invited
by a university there to teach a 6 week course.

I had prepared a small press release regarding Sam's trip for a local

 <<<"World Renowned Gum Expert, Professor Sam Wang, of Clemson University has
been invited by a prominent university in China to teach a 6 week course in
Gum Bichromate printing.  Professor Wang has also been asked by the Government
of the People's Republic of China to assist them with their extensive research
project on methods of contrast variation of the Gum Bichromate process.  In
addition he will be spearheading the development of a Gum Bichromate printing
process that utilises a hue of blue that has traditional roots in Chinese
porcelain.  Professor Wang was interviewed at the airport prior to departure of his
charter jet sent by China to transport him and his cargo consisting of
numerous large format cameras, lenses, dichromates, drums of gum and barrels of
home-dried apple slices.  Professor Wang stated, "Who cares what hue of blue they
want to do—If they don't like Cyanotype, I've got a couple drums of Indigo
that I want to get rid of!"

Professor Wang also noted that the computer lab he will be in charge of at
the university has 600 Macintoshes which he intends to link together to form a
supercomputer that will do all the number crunching in his gum research.  He
remarked— "If that does not provide the computational power we need, I have a
ccess to 2-3 Billion Chinese MFA candidates equipped with abacuses that will
solve this gum problem in a nanosecond.">>>

OK, just kidding about the press release, but Sam is in China for a while and
he was asked to teach there at a University. God knows what else he plans
to do there....

Mark Nelson

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> This discussion is making me remember the discussion about speed and
> dichromate concentration in gum, in which Sandy argued that Sam's
> printing times must be about the same for diluted dichromate as they
> would be for saturated dichromate, even though to date there has been no
> comparison data offered whatever to show that this is true. This seems
> oddly contrary to the position he is taking here with regard to data,
> but never mind that for the moment. Since actual data don't seem to be
> forthcoming on the earlier question, I'd like to know at least this:
> Sam, what do you use for your light source for gum? I don't see it on
> your article on unblinkingeye, although I could have missed it because
> the dang site keeps sending me to while I'm trying to read an
> article, so I have to keep going back and trying to find my place where
> I was before I got dumped to amazon. Why does it do that, Ed? It's
> annoying as heck.
> Katharine Thayer
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