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Date: 01/14/04-02:38:00 PM Z
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New fangled tripod thangies is a waste of good beer money!

I use rocks to level my camira and lay in the dirt and muck or acros my
pickup hood so I can see thru it. Folks thougt I'd give up after the
frost bite and poisin ivy but no, I am a didecatid fotografir!


At 03:10 PM 1/14/04 -0500, you wrote:
>This is more of a camera comment than alt process comment but some of you
>might be interested.
>I just bought a new Gitzo G2220 tripod in an effort to cut back on weight
>a bit with my 5X7 outfit. My original intent was to use one of my old
>Manfrotto heads on this tripod but instead I wound up buying the new
>Manfrotto 32675 head. Wonder if anyone else has used this head? I have
>found it to be an absolute delight. It is a ball-type head that works with
>a pistol-type grip. You pull back on the trigger and you can swivel the
>camera in any direction, in a split second. And of course it works with
>quick release plates and has a level.
>What a delight this head is to work with. Usually changes offer small
>increments of improvement but this one is a leap in performance.
>Sandy King
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