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You normally just use the magenta and yellow filters though you could use
the cyan if you want to. The basic system is really easy to remember. Since
it is a negative printing process, if one color cast is too much, you add
the filter of the same color, but in some case it means add or subtract the
filter of the oppossite color.

The complement colors are:
Red - Cyan
Green - Magenta
Blue - Yellow

So here is the basic system (the --> means "translated" or "resulted in"):

too magenta: add magenta filter
too yellow: add yellow filter
too cyan: add cyan filter --> subtract magenta and yellow filters
too red: add red --> subtract cyan --> add magenta and yellow
too green: add green --> subtract magenta
too blue: add blue --> subtract yellow

Adjust the exposure with addition of filters.

Dave S

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> Just wanted to ask a quick question. I know it's a bit off topic. But
> you folks are so full of info. Where on the web can I find a nice
> description for color printing. I haven't been in a color darkroom in
> 5 years, and I'm going in tomorrow. I mostly need a refresher on the
> cyan magenta yellow color balance thing.
> Thanks for any help
> Lisa
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