RE: good source for UV tubes?

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This is and isn't true and all depends on where you live. Neither of the
Home Depot's here, in El Paso, TX carry them (though they do have BLB's) and
when I asked they said they didn't have them on their order sheet. When I
lived in Michigan there was a home depot there that did carry them and they
always had them. I think it's a simple case of supply and demand. No one
here demands them, so they don't supply them.

I would recommend anyhow. If I remember correctly they were
around $15 each in Michigan, where as topbulb has them for under $9 each,
though when I was on their site the other night, they were currently out of


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> Home Depot doesn't carry nor will order specialty lighting such as BL
> tubes. I know I tried several years ago.

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