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Hi Judy,

I ordered my humidifier from Calumet Photo—it was the biggest one they make,
the Ansel Adams model, heavy duty enough even for doing outdoor landscapes....
heheheheh just kidding.

It's a Holmes humidifier and you can find them at Target, Home Depot, etc.
It even comes with a little Quasi-Hygrometer, but it doesn't display the
actual % Relative Humidity—just a comfort scale like from Nosebleed>Itchy Skin>Dry
Mouth>....I noticed when I get up around 60% it registers at the high end of
the "Comfort Zone".

I believe I paid about $70 for it and it is 9 gallon in capacity. Unlike
some of the cheaper models, it has a built in "humidistat" and you have about 10
settings—it will turn off when it reaches the level you have set. Or you
can put it on continuous High or Low settings... when coating I use the
continuous high setting.

This humidifier uses a fan to suck air through a water soaked filter. It
isn't the cold air misting type.

It has two water containers that you lift out and fill. It's quite easy to
clean and change the filter.

It will take the coating area from 20% humidity up to 60% relatively fast.

Consumer Reports ranks it at about -5 on the "Vicious Scale".

I thought Keith said he humidified his gums before he put his teeth in in the
morning....I'll go back and read that post again.

Hope that is helpful.

Mark Nelson

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> I'm relieved to know life can be sustained at 14% humidity... My studio is
> down to 22% (during cold snap steam heat runs extra and no matter how many
> wet towels I hang up -- useless..) But I'm curious about your effective
> humidifier... Is that really a humidifer or a vaporizer?  does it spread
> white spray ?-- less noticeable in a bathroom I suppose, but rotten in
> studio...
> I have a humdifier downstairs that doesn't help much upstairs... I meant
> to ask Mark Nelson about his "industrial strength humidifier" however....
> this year our GOOD old 12-gallon humidifier finally corked off, the
> company in Canada is out of business & calling coast to coast the least
> awful one we found was strange & stupid from Grainger, also broke down in
> a week, second one not broken down yet but makes big noise always,
> pointlessly complicated & out of control.
> So if your little "humidifier" isn't vicious, I'll look for one... What's
> it called?
> Meanwhile, tho I haven't tested scientifically, my sense of gum is that
> LESS humidity doesn't bother it, heat & humidity together do.  but then I
> remember Keith Gerling saying he REALLY humidified his gums before
> exposing..  tho on 2nd thought that was for register.
> As for weather report -- We're having a heat wave tomorrow (today) -- 40
> degrees F forecast. Friend in London says crocuses come out in January
> there. I think that's outrageous.
> Judy
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