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From: Judy Seigel ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 01/12/04-12:39:26 AM Z
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On Sun, 11 Jan 2004, christine shepherd wrote:
> .... the humidity of my darkromm (aka my
> bathroom) was a dismal 14%. No wonder my nose hurts. So I got a
> cheapie humidifier and ran it for an hour before I coated - getting the
> humidity up to at least 40%. I also used Mark's suggestion of passing

I'm relieved to know life can be sustained at 14% humidity... My studio is
down to 22% (during cold snap steam heat runs extra and no matter how many
wet towels I hang up -- useless..) But I'm curious about your effective
humidifier... Is that really a humidifer or a vaporizer? does it spread
white spray ?-- less noticeable in a bathroom I suppose, but rotten in

I have a humdifier downstairs that doesn't help much upstairs... I meant
to ask Mark Nelson about his "industrial strength humidifier" however....
this year our GOOD old 12-gallon humidifier finally corked off, the
company in Canada is out of business & calling coast to coast the least
awful one we found was strange & stupid from Grainger, also broke down in
a week, second one not broken down yet but makes big noise always,
pointlessly complicated & out of control.

So if your little "humidifier" isn't vicious, I'll look for one... What's
it called?

Meanwhile, tho I haven't tested scientifically, my sense of gum is that
LESS humidity doesn't bother it, heat & humidity together do. but then I
remember Keith Gerling saying he REALLY humidified his gums before
exposing.. tho on 2nd thought that was for register.

As for weather report -- We're having a heat wave tomorrow (today) -- 40
degrees F forecast. Friend in London says crocuses come out in January
there. I think that's outrageous.

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