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I recently read at (if they are reliable?) this quote.
  From Imogen Cunningham
Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I'm going to take tomorrow.
-Imogen Cunningham,
  "Interviews With Master Photographers : Minor White, Imogen Cunningham,
Cornell Capa, Elliott Erwitt, Yousuf Karsh, Arnold Newman, Lord Snowdon,
Brett" by James Danziger

>Well, I guess that's a tad bit different story!
>Barry Kleider
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>Well Barry, you have a point. However, I was there and remember it
>distinctly. It (at least the time Imogen quoted it) was after she'd been
>photographing in the Haight Ashbury area, after Judy Dater had taken that
>well appreciated image of her photographing Wayne Thiebaud's daughter,
>Twinka, nude against the tree. that makes it 1974+. I believe that was the
>Summer I hired Imogen, Lisette Model and Ellen Brooks.
>But, you may well have a good point there.
>Jack Fulton
>This is a fairly common quote - said by many artists in slightly different
>twists of the phrase. I wouldn't doubt Cunningham said it, but I'm
>guessing several others have as well.
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