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> My RECOLLECTION is that argyrotype was presented, not for its ease of
> working, but for its greater archivality. The explanation I recall is
> that
> the small particles of VDB and kallitype would present more surface for
> (oxidation?) and therefore be more perishable. The corollary may/must
> have
> been that the argy---- has larger particles (?).


I think you are right about it supposed to be more archival, but there was
also I think something about it not losing highlight detail. I didn't
suffer from the losing of highlights supposed to be inherent in the

Iron does tend to get locked into the paper as Fe(III) in neutral/alkaline
solutions and I think it avoided this. However most of the kallitypes and
vdbs and satistas I did around 15 years ago have yet to show signs of
fading. A few went pretty fast, but not everything got properly
processed, especially when I was demonstrating at workshops.

However, if longevity was paramount, I'd choose platinum/palladium, or
carbon, or perhaps even carbon pigment inkjet rather than anything
containing silver. Or gum with a suitable pigment of course. Some
processes are worth the extra effort because of the different qualities
they give, but argyrotype looks just like kallitype etc.

About -13C I think. Here its slightly damp, dull and depressing but +10.
Good weather for writing though.


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