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Do most of you making Daguerreotypes use the Becquerel method or do any use the mercury process. Is it true that the mercury process gives a better result, or does it depend on who you ask? Has anyone tried just dipping the exposed plate in mercury, that would be safer- I assume this has been tried and didn't work. What would happen if you use a conventional developer? Would you end up with a negative instead of a positive? Does anyone know why with the mercury process do you coat the plate with iodine, bromine and iodine but in the Becquerel process you use only iodine? Doesn't the bromine make the plate more sensitive? i was talking to my old chemistry professor at college about mercury fumes and perhaps constructing a closed system that does not allow any mercury vapor to be released, or perhaps a distilling apparatus that cools and condenses the vapors to be easily collected. He also said that sulphur acts like a sponge and will soak up any mercury vapor and turn it into!
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o you think?- Stu
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