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Hi Christine

Mike Ware's instructions for making up the Argyrotype sensitiser call
for the addition of 0.2 cc of (Tween 20) to 100 cc of the sensitiser.
If you are adding 1 cc to the sensitiser for one print then I'm
surprised that the emulsion hasn't soaked right through the paper and
into the room below!!

The theory behind adding Tween is described in the following link bit I
would heed the final sentence ...

Personally, I would forget the Tween as it is often more trouble than
it's worth.

Cheers ... Tony McLean

On 9 Jan 2004, at 16:46, epona wrote:

> Hi Darryl,
> So you primarily use Crane's? Interesting. Maybe I got a bad batch.
> Or it's too dry here. Or I'm using too much Tween. The Tween I was
> given by a photographer friend is a very thick substance. Perhaps I
> should be diluting it before I measure out the 1 cc for the
> sensitizer? Can you expound on what the visual effects of too
> much/too little Tween would be?
> Thanks!
> Christine
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> On Jan 9, 2004, at 11:22 AM, Baird, Darryl wrote:
>> that's good news...
>> In my paper tests, BFK fared poorly with Argyro. Some of the best
>> prints I made during that summer were on Arches Platine, but that
>> paper is too expensive for my everyday use. If I was doing a large and
>> important exhibition I'd seriously consider it... but that's me.
>> Darryl
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>> I have found the holy grail of papers and it's name is Buxton.
>> This paper is simply luscious, the fine silk of the paper world. It
>> is
>> white and a little on the delicate-thin side, with some tooth. I
>> received some in the mail last night and made a quick test print. I
>> won't say it's solved all my problems, only prozac could do that, :)
>> but the coating of sensitizer is visibly smoother. My Dmax is a rich
>> chocolate brown (yummy), and my exposure time was cut in half! There
>> is a very tiny amount of the bronzing we've been discussing on the
>> edges where the sensitizer was thinly coated. I read in Dick Stevens'
>> tome on Kallitype last night he attributes this to not enough silver
>> in
>> the sensitizer! But after reading Mark Nelson's account, I think I'll
>> start by adding a humidifier. I'll let you know if that helps.
>> I also purchased some Rives BFK today and will test that as well.
>> Thanks so much everyone for all your advice; you've been a boon.
>> Cheers,
>> Christine
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