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Date: 01/09/04-12:53:13 AM Z
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Agustin, I recall Cor mentioning diluted toner amount as little as 100ml
for a 8x10" print in a flat bottomed tray. So, your 500ml assumption may
be ample. (This depends much on tray size of course)

Anyway, I couldn't manage to find Tetenal Gold Toner in Turkey (it seems
people prefer Selenium to tone their prints for archival purposes) - the
distributor doesn't stock it because there's no demand for it. I
couldn't persuade them to import a "sample" (they say they must order it
as a 12 pack). So, I will have to use KAuCl2 to tone my Van Dykes. Cor,
can you please do the calculation for me? What is the multiplier I have
to use when replacing AuCl3 with KAuCl2 in formulas? (I know you said I
can tone by visual inspection but I want to be more precise)

Thanks in advance.
Best regards,

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> Thanks Cor..
> If I can use it diluted, then I think it will last. I just
> make 4x5 prints. So 500ml in a small tray will be enough.
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> Agustin
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