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Thank you very much for the valuable information.

Err, I didn't think about Tetenal's Gold toner (shame on me!). Is it the
same thing as (5gr Citric Acid + 5ml 5% Gold Chloride + distilled water
to make 1000ml)? Or are there any other additives? Will ask the
availability to the distributor (I remember seeing Blue Toner on their
showroom - but not Gold Toner). Thank you very much for the tip.

What do you mean by saying "not stable" about Tetenal Gold Toner diluted


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> Loris,
> yes you can, KAuCl2 has obviously a larger moleclar weight,
> which basicly means that a 5% solution of KAuCl2 cotains less
> gold (Au) than a 5% solution of AuCl3. I could calculate the
> difference for you (not hard). But I usually tone by
> inspection, and I use a small volume of diluted gold toner
> and use that single-shot. So the concentration isn't that
> important, just tone until you get what you like.
> Can't you get Tetenal goldtoner in Turkey? It's quite
> useable, diluted 1:10 (not stable!)
> Best,
> Cor
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