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Hello everyone,
I received this message about the World Pinhole Photography Day on April
25th 2004.
If you're interested in pinhole: read on.
Otherwise: still read on.

...have fun and catch that lightbeam...
Bert from Holland, Europe

------------------forwarded email about World Pinhole Day--------------

Dear Fellow Pinhole Photographer,

With Christmas and New Year's past, and our minds returning to pinhole
photography, I better write this now, before I forget or it gets too far
past the holidays!

You are receiving this email because you exhibited a photograph in one of
the previous Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day online exhibitions. This
email was also sent to the pinhole discussion list, so you may be receiving
it for the second time.

This is a reminder that the coordinators of the fourth Worldwide Pinhole
Photography Day are busy preparing for this upcoming major global festival.
It will be the traditional last Sunday in April; the next one will be April
25, 2004. Anyone, anywhere in the world, who makes a pinhole photograph on
Pinhole Day, can scan the image and upload it to the
website where it will become part of this premier gallery of lenless

Last year, 1082 participants from 42 countries contributed images to the
WPPD 2003 Gallery. Over 70 events - workshops, exhibits, lectures, etc. -
were held throughout the world. All of these events were coordinated by

If you don't have this celebration marked on your calendar please do it
soon! Join the world in this joyous celebration of simple photography.

Watch the website for more information.

- We are looking for help with our publicity efforts in various countries
and regions. These local or regional coordinators would be part of the team
that our Publicity Coordinator, Paolo Aldi, is assembling to spread the word
about our sublime yet joyously wacky annual pinhole exhibit. Mostly this
would be emails to publications, schools, galleries, etc, in your area. If
you would like to help with this effort, please contact

- If you'd like to organize an event, such as a workshop, lecture or a photo
"shoot", you can add it to the events calendar at
or contact

- If you are a teacher, you can participate in WPPD in a couple of different
ways. First, your class can participate as a group. To do this, enter your
class's participation as an event at Choose "classroom" as the
type of event. Your class will be listed as a "group" in the gallery. When
your class is selected from the group list, it will create a virtual exhibit
of your students' work. Second, Rosanne Stutts, our Education Coordinator,
faciliates an online discussion for teachers at If you would like
to become part of this discussion, please contact Rosanne at

- If you are a graphic designer... we're interested in suggestions for a
new, or alternative, logos. Please submit your ideas to

Another major holiday is in the works for April 25, 2004!

Many thanks,
Tom Miller
WPPD 2004 Coordinating Team Leader

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