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The double boiler sounds like a good if I can just get the cow to
stick her hoof in the double boiler without spilling.....

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> To add to this - I've been watching for fish-eyes since this discussion
> began - I get them, but because I use a roller to smooth off the coat, they
> disappear entirely. I agree with Dave on this, another brushing will get rid
> of them in most cases. I use gelatin at 45 deg C, the recommended
> temperature for gelatine. I disagree with Dave on the heating processs tho,
> cooks know ( Granny was a Home Ec teacher)that gelatin can stick and burn -
> that's the reason for the water bath - shouldn't be
> overheated as this breaks it down and reduces setting capacity (or so I have
> always been told), and heating in a pot heats unevenly, causing the whole
> boiling (lol) to become suspect.
> Kate
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