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Date: 01/07/04-05:24:00 PM Z
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The palladium powder is quite fine and I think that you'd be asking for
trouble. I would put both the tightly closed bottle and the silica pack in
a closed plastic bag. Let the silica do the job from a small area removed
from direct contact. I have also had Engelhard package the palladium in
several bottles. Since they come tightly seal with tape and the wax seal,
just put that bottle in another "dry" area.

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> Thanks to all who replied to my querie in (one way or another).
> I e-mailed Rick at Engelhard in reference to pricing day before yesterday
> and have not heard from him yet. Guess I'll call him tomorrow.
> On another note, would it be wise (or would it hurt) to put a few silica
> gel
> packs in with the salts? Possibly come to an arrangement where the gel
> packs
> are suspended from the cap and NOT touching the platinum/palladium salts?
> Just an idea.
> Thanks again, Scott
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