Imagesetter Curves for Copygraphics

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Date: 01/06/04-07:28:48 PM Z
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FWIW, I have done a fair number of diginegs (probably 20+)with Peter Ellzey
at Copygraphics, and I have found that the Fokos curve that can be
downloaded from the B&S site works better for me. I seem to get less
compression in the highlights and everthing seems to print really well with
straight palladium and a 2 drops of 50% sodium dichromate/200ml potassium
oxalate developer mix.


I am going to send out some files to CopyGraphics in Santa Fe (the SB
mentioned in Dan Burkholder's book) and was going to use the curve he
provides in his book, but thought I would ask around and see if anyone on
the list has worked with Copygraphics and developed other curves for
platinum/kallitype work.


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