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If you don't mind trimming metal, the easiest thing to do is look for old
plate cameras in an odd size. I have two 9x12 centimeter cameras (slightly
smaller than 4"x5") that I picked up for almost nothing ($8 for one and $10
for the other). I haven't used them for making dags, but I've used them for
tintypes and dry plates (using liquid emulsion) and they work great. I
bought both of them on ebay and simply searched for "plate" in the cameras
and photo section and check out what cameras show up.

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  Supposedly it is easy to find some old box camera that can be used to take
daguerrotypes, but I don't know where or what I am looking for. I would like
to be able to focus, and want to use a medium size liek 3x5" does anyone
have any ideas? Thanks- Stu

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