RE: For those who are interested in making digital negatives using pigmented inksets

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I don't have a Stouffer 21-step wedge so I cannot help about that. The
reflective Dmax of my B&W inkjet prints with these inks is 1.59 on both
the papers I use (Epson Enhanced Matte and Hahnemuehle Photo Rag
188gsm). I don't have a densitometer also, but I know a photographer who
does have it and I go to him from time to time when I need readings (he
helped me a lot when I was trying to build a curve to print with
Piezography plugin - I settled on Jeff Randall's RGB workflow later,
because my printer was banding unacceptably with the Piezo plugin). Will
post the Dmax of my negatives as soon as I visit him - but his
densitometer is a simple B&W model (Heiland TR2?); he cannot make UV
readings, so I'm not sure how much useful will this report in terms of
alt. process printing.

All I can say is that; the UV blocking ability of my negatives should be
quite high as I print Van Dykes with clean highlights and open - not
murky - shadows around 8 - 10 mins. under 10 x 40 Watts 24" Philips
Actinic 05 (equivalent to BL in terms of spectrum) tubes - with electric
ballast - placed exactly 3" above my contact print frame's glass (it's a
standard 8x10" B&S frame). Tubes are as close as 1/8" to each other. I
think 8 - 10 mins. is a considerable exposure - comparing Sandy's 5
mins. exposure test with half the power 20 Watts Sylvania BL tubes which
showed 17 steps (see, this makes around 2
stops exposure difference.


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when you print solid black on Pictorico and then print that with say
PT/PD along side a Stouffer, how many steps is the solid black
equivalent to on the Stouffer in terms of UV density? What does the
transmissive density of the solid black on Pictorico measure?

Mark Nelson
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