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Date: 01/01/04-09:53:31 PM Z
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Ron and Peter:

"I tried finding information on the website, but can't, regarding profiles. Which profile(s) come with this RIP?"

I'm responding from a different computer so I can't look, but my recollection is that they are all for Epson papers compatible with the 2200. Even if you attempt to load others, they won't load. I tried to load the profiles from the same location that the RIP's profiles were in. Didn't work. When I emailed Epson Tech Service about it, I got the simple explanation that they would not work. Makes the RIP useless for third party papers unless one of the canned Epson profiles happens to work.


"I have not tried to print color with it, only B&W's.

However, I do have a decent workflow settings for it, which I would be pleased to send to you for your comments. Perhaps I am missing something quite obvious which you might be able to catch. Too, I would be very interested to learn about the settings with which you have had good results."


I mostly use the 2200 for color, rarely B&W. My B&W is pretty much limited to printing platinum/palladium printing - darkroom. I have, therefore, not worked enough to get good B&W with the RIP. There is a trick, however, in the color settings. I would love to look at your workflow and perhaps I can locate the trick.

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