Re: For those who are interested in making digital negatives using pigmented inksets

From: Jeffrey D. Mathias ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 01/01/04-10:46:50 AM Z
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Sandy King wrote:
> Yes, I am referring to the resolution limit due to the paper surface. In
> other words, no mater how sharp your negative may be there is a limited
> amount of resolution that a watercolor or drawing paper can convey.

The following link shows a simple way to measure the resolution of the
paper. In this case, the paper is Crane's Cover-90. It seems to be
able to resolve somewhere between 300 and 600 lpi. A 600 ppi negative
should have enough resolution so as not to be detectable when using this
paper. I would not recommend 360 ppi as this would not yet be beyond
the resolving capability of this paper.

Jeffrey D. Mathias
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