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Happy New Year!
Yes, John, I have used it. If you do a search on it in the archives you'll
come up with some info. To repeat, it is actually just like a photo paper,
but on a clear acetate (?) base. Develop in Dektol, 1+7. It is verrry
dmaxey, very contrasty. If I could dig up my densitometer calcs I could
tell you exactly, but it produced negs that had greater contrast range than
platinum needed. The base is very clear, and it is thickish. Exposure is
like a very fast BW paper. The stronger the Dektol, the greater the
contrast, so use that variable. What is nice about it is it is redlight
safe, of course. It is a 2 step process (produces a positive from a
negative). I would probably choose this if I made enlarged negs in the
darkroom again, but I've been doing diginegs now for the last 6 months.
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> Has anyone use this film from Freestyle for enlarging negatives?
> Any practical advise in using it?
> John Gibbs
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