RE: palladium on Clearprint Vellum

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Date: 01/01/04-01:57:02 AM Z
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I flatten the Beinfang in a press but do not use any heat.
Actually the heating element is broken.
Just put it in squeeze it tight and leave it over night.
Works fine.
Happy New Year to all.

Houston, TX
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I am talking about flattening the print after all processing has been
completed. As I understand from a previous message by Kerik, it
appears okay to do this in a dry mount press?


>Are you talking about flattening after coating, but before printing,
>or after all the processing is completed?
>On Dec 31, 2003, at 10:28 AM, Sandy King wrote:
>>Based on Kerik's advice I tried palladium on Clearprint Vellum.
>>Works great. The paper clears nicely and with only one coating I
>>got excellent Dmax.
>>But how does one deal with the way the paper crinkles? Is it ok to
>>flatten it in a dry mount press?
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