Re: Nu-Arc Mercury Exposure

From: jack reisland ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 02/29/04-08:38:17 PM Z
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You can check back through "completed items" to see what other plate makers
have sold for. This price is in the ballpark for a newer unit. Older tabletop
Nuarcs do go for quite a bit less, and Nuarc flip-tops, being big and
cumbersome, can sometimes be had for a song, but it would be best to find one
within driving distance, because the shipping on one would be pretty steep.

Jack Reisland

John Cremati wrote:

> I believe I saw several others of the same model for sale right now on
> Ebay in the printing equipment pre press section.. ... I think that is kind
> of high for that unit. .. .... jc
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