Nu-Arc Mercury Exposure

From: Michael Slade ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 02/29/04-04:00:34 PM Z
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Hey Folks,

someone a little while ago posted a link to some printing equipment on eBay
that was for sale.

I watched the auction for this item:

...and it didn't sell.

I have contacted the buyer and his price he'd sell was $475 and he wanted to
charge $50 to crate it and ship it.

I am hesitant to purchase it because I do not know if this is the correct
unit for doing carbons, platinums and gravures.

If anyone can advise, that would be tremendous.

I'm not able to purchase it right now, I have to leave for business this
week, so if anyone wants to snake it from me, that's fine. (grrrr!!!!).


Looking seriously at purchasing a plate burner, but am looking for some
experienced users (Sandy?) who can guide me. I was specifically wondering
about the mercury light vs. carbon arc.


Michael Slade
Tawąyama Safaris Inc.
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