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Good morning all!

This is a good idea, Bert. Gum will sour immediately, so he won't have to
wait long. Mine did in well under a week, in dry Montana. It gets runnier
and smells terribly, so there is no mistaking it. But what I need to do is
use this suggestion to test side by side sour gum and preserved gum and see
if they do, in fact, operate differently enough. As gum sours it becomes
more acid and therefore would be more prone to insolubility without
exposure, as it is said.

Nothing like a midterm review (this tuesday) to spur me on to now being able
to do NINE gum prints at once (3 different images), 11x14 and 16x20. I used
to think 4 at once was overload, but heck. This is manic. Now Keith
Gerling, don't you tell me you do 15 of those big honkin' ones at once or
I'll feel less of a woman.

However, it is amazing what you learn when you do a process exclusively. My
latest tool of choice is the water spray bottle. With a digineg, 3-4 minute
exposure, using reduced dichromate (7%), I can soften the print in the
water, develop for a short while and then spray it to completion.
Development now takes under 1/2 hour, maybe like 15 minutes. And, contrary
to historical opinion, the halftones stay put.

So now I can drink wine with pot metabi, eat cacic, and enjoy life a lot
quicker. Ryuji, dried coconut milk??? There's a Thai grocery here, I must
go find some. But good to know that pot metabi is not a preserver to use to
prevent bacterial growth. I know the sodium benzoate I use is also used in
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> Hallo Juan,
> Seperate some of the gum solution before you add the carbolic acid and
> it
> the same way. This way you can test if both gum solutions will keep in
> order
> and how long it takes for the gum solutions to go bad (without the
> acid).
> Bert from Holland "have fun and catch that lightbeam"
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> Onderwerp: preservative for gum.
> Thanks to all those that have answered to my question.
> It is up to now the first time that I prepare gum solution, it had used a
> mark of paste, but they should have changed the formula because he/she no
> longer works well.
> I have decided to use 2 drops for oz of solution of carbolic acid to 15%
> preservative in this my first experience. If the mathematics don't lie,
> ml. of gum solution they can be equal to 6.5 oz, with what I will put 13
> drops of carbolic acid in my gum solution.
> If it is not this way the calculation, please correct me.
> Pardon for my English, text translated by computer.
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