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Date: 02/28/04-11:52:30 PM Z
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Subject: Re: preserver for gum
Date: Sat, 28 Feb 2004 23:53:59 -0500

> Speaking of preservatives, I was making Thai Red Curried Chicken
> tonight and noticed that in my can of Thai Coconut milk the
> preservative used was potassium metabisulfite!

Ah, did you use the canned one?
(I usually use a mixture of dried coconut milk and skimmed cow's milk)

> I can't believe I am eating my alternative process photo chemicals.
> So perhaps pot metabi is a preservative for gum as well, go figure.

Well, the list goes a long way... water, table salt, potassium
iodide, citric acid, type A gelatin, type B gelatin, etc.

Anyway, the use of potassium metabisulfite or other forms of sulfite
and sulfur dioxide in food additive is mainly to prevent browning
(enzymic or otherwise) and other enzyme catalyzed reactions, as an
antioxidant, and to some extent control the growth of bacteria. For
example, enzyme catalyzed oxidation of phenolic compounds can lead to
serious quality issues when handling fresh vegetables, fruits,
potatoes, etc. because dark pigments will be formed. Sulfur dioxides or
metabisulfite is effective in preventing this.

Bacteriostat function of metabisulfite is pretty weak, and should be
combined with other means of disinfecting and preservation (such as
canning). Indeed, metabisulfite is ineffective against yeasts and
fungi. (Lactic acid produced by yogurt cultures is similar... it
slows down bacterial growth but yeast and mold can grow on yogurt.)

By the way, I've been eating Cacik, which Loris introduced to the list
a while ago. This is quite addictive and I don't need butter or cream
cheese or anything to put on bread any more. I grate/shread cucumber
into very thin noodles about 2-4cm long, and mix with fine chopped raw
garlic, fine chopped dill weed, strained yogurt, a bit of salt and
olive oil and put it on bread. I like it with raw garlic but I would
lightly cook the garlic if I were to serve this at a party. But then I
begin to see unlimited varieties... I like firm bread on a bit dry
side to eat Cacik with.

Ryuji Suzuki
"Reality has always had too many heads." (Bob Dylan, Cold Irons Bound, 1997)
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