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Date: 02/28/04-05:16:39 PM Z
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Can I make stereoscopic photos of tabular grain film with the
binocular type microscopes?



>The "binocular Type" vs Single Barrel, or whatever the terms are for
>the two types...can both be used with a camera?
>I'm trying to see how many angels I can print on the head of a pin
>with a digital negative...
>Mark Nelson
>In a message dated 2/28/04 2:11:52 PM, writes:
>>Wonder if anyone one the list could offer some advice on the following.
>>I would like to obtain a microscope to use in conjunction with a film
>>testing project on which I am currently working. Don't need anything
>>fancy but would like to be able to use it for making photographs of
>>negatives for the purpose of comparing grain and sharpness. And price
>>is a major consideration as I don't want to invest a lot in this
>>All advice and suggestions appreciated.
>>Sandy King
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