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200 ml of gum solution could use as little as 7 drops of carbolic acid, but
what you're doing is fine.
Is "15%" referring to your gum solution or your acid?

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Subject: preservative for gum.

> Thanks to all those that have answered to my question.
> It is up to now the first time that I prepare gum solution, it had used a
> mark of paste, but they should have changed the formula because he/she no
> longer works well.
> I have decided to use 2 drops for oz of solution of carbolic acid to 15%
> preservative in this my first experience. If the mathematics don't lie,
> ml. of gum solution they can be equal to 6.5 oz, with what I will put 13
> drops of carbolic acid in my gum solution.
> If it is not this way the calculation, please correct me.
> Pardon for my English, text translated by computer.
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