Re: storing long strips of film

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The last coservation job I work on the common practice was to roll the film in
a mylar sleeve wraped with a conservation paper wrapper taped with
conservation tape boxed on end (rolls standing on the thin side) Or rolled and
put into a conservation core and boxed. This may be more that you want to do.
Pick any part you want.

Jan Pietrzak

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> Date: 2004/02/27 Fri PM 06:29:14 GMT
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> Subject: storing long strips of film
> What's the best way to store a long strip of say 120 film that you
> don't want to cut into strips? I have a long roll that I shot
> panorama style in the Holga, where the images merge into one another.
> I want to scan it and maybe print sections of it digitally and
> analogically. It won't fit into a 35mm film canister. I have a
> negative carrier for my enlarger that accomodates rolls, so it must
> have been at one time a common way to store film. Any suggestions?
> --shannon
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