RE: precipitation of dichromates

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Date: 02/27/04-01:23:44 AM Z
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Excuse me, Don, don't you read the Sources & Services section? I just
spent 6 years of my life doing it & you don't read it? Ginsberg Scientific
doesn't sell individually.... Macks Creek, Missouri... A minimum order of
2 oz dropper bottles is a gross... They sell to schools & labs & like
that... not over the counter. but those 8 oz dropper bottles are superb,
essential... get up a consortium and buy a lifetime supply. I don't know
what their minimum is for those... I also suggest getting some extra
"assemblies," the dropper part. After maybe 5 years they'll rot on a few
of the solutions, not most, but a few... And then you have this nice brown
bottle without a dropper top... unless you can splice one in from
somewhere else.


On Thu, 26 Feb 2004, Don Bryant wrote:

> Judy,
> > If you use a dropper bottle (Ginsberg has them in 8 oz size, or did)
> Ginsberg?
> A local supplier?
> Can you tell us more about this supplier Judy?
> Thanks,
> Don Bryant
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