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Friday for Sale List
Offer away on any or allŠI prefer PayPal international shipping is available
though some of these items weigh quite a bitŠscroll on down there is
something for everyone and 90% of this stuff is newŠI will list that that
does not sell on ebay early next week generally with higher
prices/reserves/opens so buy now and save moneyŠe mail for photos

Camera Makers Alternative Process and Large Format fansŠ

There are some 3 1/4 x 4 1/4 cameras here. Jandcsales.com sells 3 1/4 x 4
1/4 filmŠmany other odd sizes as wellŠ

Speaking of film..two frozen cans of Kodak 91/2 inch by 75 feet rolls of RAR
2498 estar AH Fim Mil Inspect Date 6-95. NSN 6750 00 922 0945 I shot some of
this last year with great results. Two sealed cansŠ$60

Paper? Mitsubishi Black and White RC Medium Weight VC 6 inch by 500 FEET
(yes feet) enough to make 1500 4 x 6 prints. Sealed bags I have four $50
each or $175 for all shipped US

Kodak 152mm f7.7 in Duomatic 1 Shutter seems fine $15

Adler Anstisgmat 7.5cm f4.5 in Peerless Shutter EX $15

Wollensak 127mm Rapitar f4.5 Lens Head in ?? small Speed Graphic (2 1/2 inch
sq) board $15

Speed Graphic WOODEN BODY looks like the leather has been removed and the
camera sanded and waxed. Brass fittings copper speed scale. Bellows taped
really cool 3/14 x 4 1/4 size. Unique as heck $100

Homemade 5 x 7 aerial camera with many shims and currently mounting a Kodak
Coated 203mm f7.7 lens in a Flash Supermatic Shutter. Takes great images
unique as heck. The story is that this homebrewed camera was made by
Lockheed in the 1920sŠwhich is fairly easy to believe as the hardboard
extension (where the bellows would be) is brass bound. Anyhow another very
cool camera that takes great imagesŠbtw the finder seems to be an old
speaker horn. Includes 5 x 7 film holder (wood of course) $200

Graphic 1A 3 1/4 x 4 1/4 rapid change bag back Bausch and Lomb 3 x 4 Tessar
f4.5 Lens EX condition works great $125

Graflex Graphic Focusing Panel Cat 9288 for Graphic Polaroid Back $15

Baush and Lomb Oscillio Camera Body (or Microscope camera body) with simple
sliding metal shutter and modern Polaroid Pack film Back (for type 667 669
etc) EX+ $20Šchop the snot off and make a Holgraroid or add a lens and

Homebrew Macro Camera Tektronix C30 Series Camera Back Part 122 0752 01 with
Tek C30B Shutter speeds from B T to 1/125th f1.9 Macro lens shoots stunning
close ups and the back can be removed. Includes ground glass type focusing
backŠa cool marco view cameras for a cool $50

Fairchild K20 Aircraft CameraŠWWII fans here you go in EX shape working
greatŠKodak 161mm f4.5 lens I used it with single sheets of 4 x 5 film with
great luck $125

Speed Graphic 3 1/4 x 4 1/4 lovely little camera in case with Wollensak 90mm
f4.5 lens case and a half dozen film holders shooters dream with the 90mm
lensŠwhole kit $125 (which is what the lens is worth!)

Leonardo 4 x 5 Pinhole Camera. GREAT CAMERA (but now I have two so one has
to go) standard view (there are wide and tele versions of this camera) $55

Printex 4 x 5 Press Camera with Manual and 135mm f4.5 Tessar. McKeown says
rare. After I acquired this I did as much research as possible and found
that there is one other known Printex cameraŠthis one is also in Battleship
grey. Cast Aluminum uses standard 4 x 5 backs. Side RF very cool and rugged
beyond belief. Made with pride in Pasadena (I tried to find the factory
location and info last time I was in LA but was unsuccessful and the guys at
Ernies in Glendale (old time shop) had never seen one or heard of it before.
$250 buys you a unique classic.

Parts CamerasŠ

These are the remaining parts cameras. All just that a rich source of parts
or perhaps you can bring them back to lifeŠanyhow $75 gets you the
following. Pentax ME Konica TC Ricoh, Yashica, Minolta X700 Minolta X370
Minolta SRT 101 Minolta XG7 Minolta Winder D and any other parts treasures I
find in the boxŠhey look heres another SRT 101! All for $75

Cinema (Movie) Cameras

Russian 16mm Karanorsk (SP) Professional Outfit with Case Zoom Lens all
accessories. Works great $150

Berthiot Pan Cinor f1.9 8-40mm reflex lens with finder EX+ $60

Griswold 35mm Splicer rugged. Heavy $25

Canon Top End Super 8 Auto Zoom 814 MISSING FINDER GLASS CASE EX $30

Mitchell 77D 469 Long Roll Magazine $50


Titanium color Fed Leica II Copy with 50mm f3.5 Lens SN 235 a copy of Yuri
Garagin s space camera with superb color engraving. Custom Cap. Best ot the
lot. $200 works great
Highway hash mark yellow Leica II Copy Gold fittings (brass) and lens (50
3.5 Elmarski) Nazi EagleŠin the mid 1990s I imported many cameras from the
Ukraine and Russia new and old. For Christmas Igor asked me what I wanted. I
said one to match my Yellow Miata. He said what color. I said Highway hash
mark. He said WHAT? I send a photo and PMS swatch and this is what camer
back. Very cool. $200 works great

Next year it was Army greenŠagain with the Luftwaffen EagleŠ100 years from
now someone will wonder why the airforce changed to green camerasŠcool.
Chrome lens and fittings works great. $200

Happy Halloween here. Igor and Frank and crew went over the top with this
one creating a hybrid Leica I and II (see Vanhasbroeck Book which I send
them and they copied) gets better thoughŠthe Leica I finder is engraved with
U-545 (as in U Boat) the advance knob (knobs are black rest of body is
hammertone grey) is engraved @8MK-4. The Lens, a 50 f3.5 Elmarski marked
ELMAX is pumpkin ORANGE with black accents and engraving and of course the
grey hammertome lens cap and base have the Leitz lens logo engraved onthem
as well. Truly coolŠtrouble is they all have real jobs now and custom Leicas
are no more. $275

C V Leica SM 15mm f4.5 Black with Finder EX $325

Leica original Black PAINT MR 4 Meter very rareŠvirtually all MR4 meters
were black chrome this one is black paint working has edge wear. Rare as
heck $250

Abrahamson Leica M Grip Black Aluminum as new $75

Leica IIIb chrome body. EX works great $200

Leica Copy Shanghai 1958 last version SN 5972760 works great with 50mm f3.5
lens EX cosmetics. These are getting very very hard to find as Chinese
collectors are bringing what few survived and made it to the west home $300

Leica M 135mm f4 E46 (last version) RARE purchased new in 2000. Very few
made $750.

Fed 5 new boxed with 55f2.8 lens works great. Wonderful Leica copy student
RF Camera. $30

Leitz 55mm E55 Uva filters Used EX (qty 2) $25
B&W 55mm E55 UV Filters Used EX (qty 2) $25

Pentax Auto 110 with 24mm f2.8 and 50mm f2.8 lenses $50 works great.


Exa Black 1c with Pentacon 50mm f1.8 lens lovely camera was one of the last
Exakta mount cameras made before the wall fell. Rare in EX condition $55

Exakta RARE Zeiss 50mm f3.5 Tessar in Macro Bellows mount made in 1948 in
qty of 500, EX $50

Exacta VX 500 Prism Meyer 50mm f2.8 Auto Lens EX+ $60


Grey Baby Rollei needs cla EX cosmetics $60

Classic 35mm RF Cameras

Olympus Trip 35 with 40mm f2.8 lens EX works great $25

Olympus Trip 35 with 40mm f2.8 lens EX works great $25 (yes another one)

Graphic 35 with Case EX- $15

Kodak Pony 135 EX $15

Spartus 35F Model 400 Case EX+ $15

Kodak Instamatic Reflex Qty 2 w normal lens both for $25

Bell and Howell Canon Canonette 1.9 Lever Wind Case EX $20

Arugs C3 Match Matic Crème Leather with Meter Lovely Working and cheap $20

Canon Canonet QL1.9 HALF FRAME MODEL made for NZ National Police needs CLA
perhaps 25 made rare $100


500 CM Black WL Finder EX cosmetics CLA Camera Solutions $350

160mm f4.8 CB Lens New 4-2003 with box etc as new condition $750

100mm f3.5 Planar T* Black. Considered by may to be the finest Hasselblad
lens made. Was CLA in 2000 by Camera Solutions. Though just now the 1 sec
seemed sticky from lack of use. Anyhow great glass and cosmetics and a rare
black T* one as well $1000

50mm f4 Distagon CF Version Black EX/EX+ CLA Camera Solutions 1999 $1000
speeds fine glass fine.

Enlarging Lenses

Fed Fedar 50mm f4.5 they don t make them like this anymore cute $15

Schneider Componar 50mm f4.5 $25

Rodenstock omegar 75mm f4.5 Omega Board $50

Besler Color Pro 75mm f4.5 Beseler Board $30

Schneider Compnogon 150mm f5.6 Beseler Board EX $50

Other Gems

New Boxed Kodak Pola Screen Viewer cute chrome 1950s accy shows you what the
scene will look like with a Polarizing filter tres chic for your next film
makers party $10

Minolta Manual focus Normal lenses $10 each at least EX MANY available

Minolta brand Maxxum 100-300 Zoom $40

Off Brand Maxxum 28-80 AF Macro Zoom $25

Minolta RD 175 Digital SLR Maxxum with 50mm f1.4 and all cables drive and
such news new battery (standard Sony one) $300

Minolta Rokkor 35mm f2.8 Lens MC Version $25

Olympus RC 100 Remote New Boxed $10

Soligor 75mm to 150mm Zoom for Olympus OM $20
Weston Master II Meter works case $15

Seagull S201 Pearl River Minolta Mount Chinese Made SLR Removable Prism
looks like an SRT black paint finish 50mm f1.7 Rokkor Lens works great rare
as heck here $150

Seagull 203 Folding 120 Roll Film Camera Needs CLA EX cosmetics $20

Moonlight MPN1400 Night Vision Scope wide filed of view magnifies light 1400
times uses 9V battery 15 degree field of view 2.4x magnification NEW sales
sample works great has manual and papers. $125

Classic Lens T Mount Komura 500mm f7.7 in case this superb optic is
staggering on my D1. A quick twist of the wrist splits the lens into
sections for easy trasport. Superb image quality rugged. $150

Praktima FX with normal lens AND Spring Motor Drive EX shutter needs CLA
else complete and all together and very hard to find $200

Minolta MD Mount Tokina 28mm f2.8 lens $20

Minolta Celtic 28mm f3.5 Lens $20

Polaroid Button Camera NEW (uses SX70 film for those into image
manipulation) $10

Nikon SB 23 Compact Auto Flash $25

Nikon N90 Camera Body EX works great CLA Camera Solutions 1999 this was my
wife s primary camera before she bought a Fuji S1 Digital. $300

Voigtlander 120 Roll Film Folding Camera EX+ $25

Bushnell 9 to 30 power 40mm Spotting Zoom Scope Black EX $75
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