Re: FW: UV blocker in TMAX100 base?

From: Judy Seigel ^lt;>
Date: 02/25/04-02:11:09 AM Z
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On Tue, 24 Feb 2004, Dave Soemarko wrote:
> But on Sandy's original post, the measured density difference (as far as UV
> blocking is concerned) is about 1.0. That is 10x exposure time! If the
> uncovered part takes 3 minutes to exposure to a certain level, the covered
> part would need 30 minutes. That difference would surely shows in the
> suggested test.

Oh my, the material I tested was at most maybe 2 steps lighter...or about
2 minutes out of 8 minutes... Having found a surprising difference
between guide (among guides???), & not knowing in advance what the
difference will be, I would use the same one, at least for starters.

> If the test doesn't show significant difference, however, it means that for
> that combination and application, the material doesn't really have much
> effect.

How much is much? One or 2 steps could still ruin a print if you're not
expecting it...

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