Re: FW: UV blocker in TMAX100 base?

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Date: 02/24/04-01:59:21 PM Z
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At 12:53 PM 2/24/2004, you wrote:

>Certainly nice to have confirmation of of the UV blocker in this film.

Yes, and even quantitative!

>My hunch from looking at your data is that this UV blocker would have more
>impact on the colloid processes (which are most sensitive to UV radiation
>below 400 nm) than it would on the iron processes (which have a lot of
>sensitivity above 420 nm). Also, one would expect that the impact would be
>greater with UV sources such as BL and BLB tubes and NuArc platemakers
>(which put out most of their radiation below 420nm), than with a tube such
>as as the Super Actinic that peaks at around 420nm.

Yes, well to be exact, you need to cascade the spectral distribution of the
source, the transmission of the negative, and the spectral sensitivity of
the photosensitive material.

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