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In case you are not already familiar with it I have an article on
kallitype at

I think you will find it worth a look.

About your specific questions.

First, good kallitype negatives should have a lot of contrast, not
just dark shadows. In fact, a kallitype negative should look normal
(as for silver printing) in the shadows but the highlights should be
very dense. This gives what we call a long density range. You need
about log 1.7 to 1.9, if you understand film sensitometry. The
mistake most people make is they make their negatives very dense,
with over-exposure, but don't develop long enough for the contrast
range needed for kallitype. In general I would recommend normal
exposure, same as you would do for any silver printing, but develop
the negatives about 75% longer than you would consider normal for

It does not appear to me that you have a problem with drying. All
that is required is that the sensitized paper be completely dry to
the touch, which normally takes no more than about fifteen minutes,
assume you provide an air draft with a fan. In your examples it
sounds like the golden yellow areas on the outside did not receive
any exposure, while the grey/brown part on the inside did. This
sounds normal to me.



>I am a photography student trying to understand the kallitype
>process. My professor has made some before but it has been a long
>time since he has made them and can't really help me. I'm having
>two major problems. I have been printing one neg trying to get the
>process down. The neg I'm using has very dark shadows and don't
>seem to work when I print. Is there a reason for this. My
>understanding was that kallitypes could easily handle contrast but
>is my neg two thin in those areas? The other problem I have I think
>is coming from not allowing my sensitized paper to dry long enough.
>When I took the paper out of the light box, It was a golden yellow
>on the outsides of the sensitized area but a funny grey/brown on the
>inside. Is this just from me not allowing it to dry long enough? I
>could really use any help or suggestions that anyone has. Thanks!
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