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From: Stephen Harrison ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 02/22/04-09:39:37 AM Z
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I have had problems with black pits for years and years in platinum.
It is always a problem and I suspect is has to do with metallic
filings and contaminates in the paper fibers.

I use foam brushes with no metal ferrules.
I filter all of my chemistry with a suction filter to eliminate
extrinsic sources of metal especially in the ferric oxalate
Some of the newer papers designed for platinum have less metallic
contaminates than the clearpoint papers.

My guess it that the translucent papers not designed for platinum
are more contaminated with metallic filings than those papers that
are designed more for platinum.

The pits cannot be retouched especially if they occur as a black pit
in a white sky where they seem to gravitate to drive the printer nuts

Stephen Harrison

>I recall that Kerik, or perhaps it was Clay, mentioned a problem
>with dark spots using Clearprint Vellum. I have not seen it myself
>in printing with palladium. Perhaps it is a humidity issue?
>>I was looking at some PT/PD prints on Clearprint Vellum after I had
>>ironed them tonight and with a 3x loupe I noticeds some little
>>speckles on the lighter tones... then I saw the same in paper white
>>areas too. I switched to a 10x loupe and indeed I was seeing like
>>little specks of pepper embedded in the fiber of the paper. I
>>checked some recent PT/PD prints on Stonehenge and did not see the
>>same pepper effect. Wondering if this was something from the PT/PD
>>process, I looked at a piece of virgin Clearprint and there are the
>>same little speckles. Has anyone noticed this, or do I have a
>>"bad" roll of Clearprint?
>>I was printing on Clearprint to see if I could get the inkjet
>>dither to show up and I don't seem to see any, which is nice.
>>Mark Nelson

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