Re: good source for UV tubes?

From: Sandy King ^lt;>
Date: 02/21/04-02:05:31 PM Z
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Hi Jack,

Yes, I still have some. The best price I see now is $8.75 a tube from so I can sell you 14 at $6.75 per tube, plus shipping.



>Do you still have any of the BL bulbs that you were interested in selling?
>Are these F20T12 tubes? I need 12, and a couple of spares would probably be
>a good idea too.
>Regards, Jack Reisland
>Sandy King wrote:
>> In my area Lowes carries the BLB tubes, which are only slightly less
>> efficient that BLs.
>> However, in case anyone is interested I have on hand several boxes of
>> 24" 20 watt BL tubes, brand new, that Sam Wang asked me to sell for
>> hiom. I will sell them to anyone on the list for $2.00 per tube less
>> than best price you can find anywhere else. I am not sure exactly how
>> many tubes there are, but at least 18 and perhaps as many as 24. Good
>> opportunity for someone to assemble a bank of UV lights.
>> Sandy King
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