Scanning for Stitching with Vuescan

From: Sandy King ^lt;>
Date: 02/21/04-09:56:23 AM Z
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I am using the Vuescan software to scan 12X20 images with my Epson
836XL 12X17 scanner. This has to be done in two passes and I stitch
the files together in Photoshop.

I am having a problem. After the first scan I lock the exposure down
so that in theory there should be no difference in density between
the first and second scans. In practice, however, there is enough
difference in density between the two scans so that when they are
stitched together one side is visibly lighter than the other.

Since there are a few Vuescan users on this list I am hoping that
someone with more experience with the software than me can explain
what I need to do to get equal exposure on both scans.

Sandy King
Received on Sat Feb 21 09:57:24 2004

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