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Date: 02/20/04-08:44:17 PM Z
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> A 4x or 8x DVD burner is a great solution.
> If it must be on CDR, consider using a fractal
> or wavelet compression format.
> Both Genuine Fractals and MrSid have lossless capability.
> A Genuine Fractals STN file will allow a lossless compression
> ratio of approximately 2:1 and visually-lossless at 5:1.

Strictly speaking, as I understand the product, Genuine Fractals isn't
completely lossless, perhaps I'm wrong about that though, if I could
find my GF manual it might explain that. However the disadvantage for
the STN file format is that it is only an 8 bit image format,
> I have created visually-lossless files using MrSid with
> a ratio of 20:1. Only a trained eye could detect a difference.

I don't know anything about Mr. Sid where can one find info about it?


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