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What is miracle gel? Does it have any water content? If so, it'll dissolve
the plate. I just use plain old etching ink, or if I need to use the litho
ink, easy wipe. No oil, either.
I do find if I am not careful with the tarlatan it'll scratch the plate, esp
if it has leftover hardened ink in it. I switched to a softer cheesecloth.
But this is all solarplate, not miraclon.
However this is not my area of expertise, of course (if you can't already
tell). I'm hoping I will come close by the end of the semester but I doubt
it. Thank heavens we are talking about this online or where would we find
this stuff out, save for taking an $800 workshop?
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> >I don't recall having one stick back when I was in Dallas. What's the
> >paper? I used just about everything around the studio... BFK, Somerset
> >Satin-Lana-Velvet, Stonehenge, Arches 88 -Cover too.
> Fabriano Uno.
> >
> >What was the modification... Easy Wipe?
> plate oil and miracle gel.
> >
> >maybe try tech support, somethings not right there
> We called him several times and none of his suggestions worked.
> Maybe the emulsion on the plate has changed?
> --shannon
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