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Date: 02/19/04-04:35:42 AM Z
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And is there some reason you are telling me or the rest of the group this?
I believe I made the point alliterative process is not Alternative Process.
I beleive I made the point it was an off topic response by the complainer
 to an off topic subject, regardless of what alliterative process means.
Which btw I knew what it meant.

on 2/19/04 1:14 AM, Jack Fulton at wrote:

> Gee whiz . . alliteration is about the way words sound, not politics.
> Sequential consonant sounds such as thoroughly threadbare or, wild and
> wooly are aspects of alliteration.
> Jack
> On Feb 18, 2004, at 12:01 PM, Gregory W Blank wrote:

>> Are you serious? Alliterative Processes? This group is about
>> photography!!! Not politics, so you and whoever
>> are both out of place.
>> This is Alternative-Photo-Process, BTW.
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