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Date: 02/18/04-11:52:45 PM Z
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I don't recall having one stick back when I was in Dallas. What's the
paper? I used just about everything around the studio... BFK, Somerset
Satin-Lana-Velvet, Stonehenge, Arches 88 -Cover too.

What was the modification... Easy Wipe?

maybe try tech support, somethings not right there


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Subject: miraclon plates
The other printmakers at Rice and I are about to give up on these
miraclon photopolymer plates from Gene Becker. We messed with them
all afternoon trying to get them not to stick to our paper, to no

avail. We hardened them for unusually long times and modified the
ink to a fare thee well, and still they stuck like mad to the paper.
This never happened with the Solarplates. Has anyone else had this
experience with these plates, and did you ever solve the problem?

They are cheap, but maybe it's for a reason.


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