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Date: 02/18/04-07:07:07 PM Z
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On Feb 18, 2004, at 10:09 PM, Bobhead wrote:

> Adam. Waterson wrote:
>> my photographic work is usually an alternative process...
>> so picking up a video camera is definitely an alternative process
>> i made those 3 videos yesterday between 1pm and 11pm
>> if u like it, pass it on
>> peace
>> adam.
> Mildly should do some more editing and stop jerking
> the damn camera around!
> Unsolicited, Anti-AltProc, OT-prolonging commentary:
> Me personally, I am not a Christian, a fundamentalist, or anti-gay;
> but I would urge you as a gay supporter to wake up! People who oppose
> your lifestyle and who disagree with you aren't inherently driven by
> hate.....undoubtedly some people do hate gays, but there is alot of
> nuance on these issues and when you point a camera at some random
> stranger and ask them why they hate you, you look as ridiculous as the
> makeup jobs on some of those women! Most of them gave reasonable
> answers based on their laughable belief systems, and you had nothing
> compelling to challenge them with! Jon Lybrook's (quoted) open letter
> to Laura Schlessinger is exactly the style needed in this debate.....
> BTW, IGNORANCE is slavery Adam, and give me a break, opposing
> homosexual marriage just might fall slightly below slavery in terms of
> social injustice, I don't know.....
> -Joe
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