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Date: 02/18/04-10:14:34 AM Z
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hi don,

> Yes that was the practice I was taught many years ago but I can't
> remember when or by who. Working with a large stack of prints often
> dried me out though if you know what I mean.
> Twirling the brush on my tongue also tickled ...

yes, it does, doesn't it? :)

>> also, don, i got a perfect color match when i desperately needed to
>> finish a brown print *now* and all i had on hand was Calligrapher's
>> sepia ink. i was lucky that day i guess.
> Hmmm, sounds promising, when you say brown print I assume a VDB, yes?
> If
> that is the case, I've been quite successful with WN VDB watercolor
> cakes being able to obliterate large spots when needed. Not needed
> often
> though thankfully.
> Don

actually i mean a gold toned argyrotype. probably should have stated
that initially. people have told me the color is remarkably close to a
kallitype, but that don't mean much seeing as you can get a million
color variations with kalli. my prints look like a fairly neutral
brown to me - i don't keep them in the gold toner for more than 3
minutes so they remain relatively warm.

hope this helps,
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