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Date: 02/18/04-04:44:25 AM Z
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Hi Bob (sorry for the first incomplete post)

> I'm just curious. When silver/gel prints are not completely
> washed the
> residual hypo combines with the silver to make silver sulfide
> (I'm told) so
> that you get a yellow print. My question is, "What color is
> the silver
> sulfide in your bottle? Is it yellow?" I ask because I have
> never seen
> silver sulfide.'s in a light brown glaas bottle, it looks as fine white powder, I do
not want to remove the cork and wax seal right now..

> I assume that since the label was in Latin, the bottle must
> have belonged to
> an alchemist.'s I guess at leat 50 years old, made by Merck, Darmstadt.. also labeled
silbersulfat, sulfato do plata, sulfate d'argent, sulfato di Argento,
Sulfato de Prata..

> Therefore, it may have magical properties. ;-) You could keep
> it around as a
> conversation piece.
> Leave it on your coffee table. When a guest asks what it is
> say, "Oh that. I
> must have forgotten to put it away the last time I was
> turning some base
> metal into gold."


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